Research Centers

The L. William Seidman Research Institute serves as the umbrella for a number of research centers at W. P. Carey School of Business.  To find out more, please click on a research center below:


CABIT: Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology

CAPS: Center for Strategic Supply Research

Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research

Center for Executive and Professional Development

Center for Real Estate Research and Practice

Center for Services Leadership

JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center

Center for Entrepreneurship

CaSN: Center for Supply Networks

Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency

Center for Environmental Economics & Sustainability Policy


The L William Seidman Research Institute also manages The Office of the University Economist, created by Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow in 2005.  The Office of the University Economist has two primary functions:

  • To administer the Productivity and Prosperity Project, encompassing four areas – Education and Other Human Capital; Competitiveness and Economic Development; Knowledge Economy; and Job Quality and Income.
  • To respond to the strategic and tactical needs of the Office of the President and ASU as a whole in economic development matters, including the university’s role as an economic driver.

To find out more, please visit The Office of the University Economist web site.