About Us

The Seidman Research Institute is the consultancy arm of W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. First established in 1985 to serve as an applied business research and consultancy resource for the southwest business community, we currently offer a diverse range of business and economics consulting services to public and private sector clients throughout North America.

Our consultancy is uniquely designed for each client, and offers the following competitive advantages:

  • No matter how technical or obscure your field or needs, we are always able to create a team at ASU possessing deep expertise in the area.
  • Our teams are always led by, and primarily consist of, academics who are solely interested in the pursuit of independent, objective, state-of-the-art analysis.
  • The level of rigor required by our consultants to solve real-world challenges is far greater than the advice and insights provided by private consultancies.
  • Our consultancy services are always delivered in a timely, professional, and cost-competitive manner.
  • Opportunities for ASU graduate students to work with our consultants enables clients to connect with rising talent in their respective fields.