Consulting Services

Our economic research and business consulting services are diverse in terms of style, focus, and target audience.

Offering the most extensive range of economic modeling in the State of Arizona, we can produce REMI, IMPLAN and CGE impact analyses at a national, state, county, or zip code level for single- and multi-year time horizons.

As taxation specialists, we can model all types of tax amendments and investments – from the local effects of cuts in state-funding for a healthcare program, through to an estimate of the transaction sales gap, or tobacco luxury tax revenue forecast.

Visionary leaders in business development, we can identify and evaluate innovative new opportunities for start-ups, or assess the future growth potential of established industry sectors.

A one-stop shop for the design, implementation and analysis of all forms of qualitative and quantitative research, our experienced marketers can develop all types of surveys, moderate customer focus groups, or carry out stakeholder depth interviews.

With businesses increasingly seeking innovative new revenue streams, we can employ state-of-the-art proprietary metrics to value the naming rights potential of your stadium, conference center, transportation service, or municipal facility.

We also have a long and proud history producing objective, independent data analysis and forecasting at a local and national level.