Job Growth by Year

The table below is based on the most recent nonfarm Current Employment Statistics (CES) data for years available from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The U.S. Rank column indicates rank for percentage change in employment using selected growth measures for any of 36 selected industries in a selected state or MSA over a selected time period. State rankings are for the 50 states and MSA rankings are for some 400 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Users select growth measures, states/MSAs, industries, and time periods from drop down boxes. Job growth and number of jobs are in thousands for the time period selected.

Month over Month figures are seasonally adjusted while all other measures are calculated from non-seasonally adjusted data. Year over Year percentage changes and job growth compare the selected month with that same month in the prior year. The Year to Date measure compares average employment from January through the selected month in the selected year with the same period in the prior year. For example, to see historical first half growth for a particular year in an industry in a state, select June as the month.

The 12 Month Moving Average compares average employment during 12 months ending in the selected month with average employment in the 12 months ending in that same month one year ago.

To find the state annual average growth for an industry for a particular year, select 12 Month Moving Average or Year to Date and December for the desired year.

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Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Updated July 19, 2024