Boys & Girls Clubs

For more than 100 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America have changed and saved lives, enabling young people to achieve great futures as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.  Approximately 4,100 Clubs nationwide currently offer membership and community outreach benefits to 4 million children and teenagers every year. Ranked 19th in The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Top 25 U.S. Charities: 2014, 13 of the Clubs are located in Phoenix and the West Valley.  In 2014-15, these 13 Clubs offered affordable after-school and summer programs to 10,328 young people in grades K-12 in the metro Phoenix area.

In 2015-16, Seidman was commissioned by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix to update a 2011 study and estimate the social return on investment associated with the operation of their clubs. Drawing from a parent/caregiver survey and focus groups, in conjunction with a nationally administered survey of child members,  Seidman monetized the following benefits for Club members, their parents/caregivers, and Maricopa County:

  • Improved rates of high school graduation and the lifetime earnings of Club members.
  • A decline in juvenile criminal activity.
  • Reduced levels of teenage pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Reduced levels of underage drinking and the use of marijuana and tobacco.
  • Enhanced opportunity for parents to continue working.
  • Impact of BGCMP operations and volunteers.

Seidman estimated that every $1 invested in Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix generates $18.22 in positive benefits to the community.  The results have been used by the nonprofit as a key component of future donor and public relations.


Project File:
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix SROI Summary (October 2016)