Eloy Municipal Airport

Eloy Municipal Airport is a public use non-towered airport located 3.5 miles northwest of the central business district of Eloy – a city in Pinal County, Arizona.

The airport maintains a unique operating arrangement with Skydive Arizona, one of the largest skydiving operations in the world.  Skydive Arizona is located on private property directly east of the airport.  The City of Eloy and the FAA have approved a “through-the-fence” agreement giving Skydive Arizona access to airport infrastructure, including runways, which allows a high volume of flight operations and over 150,000 sky dive jumps per year.  In addition, the airport has become a site for research and testing for military and civilian parachuting.

In 2020, Seidman estimated the impact of Eloy Municipal Airport on the Pinal County economy.  The study included a survey of a major sky diving event held at Eloy Municipal Airport.

An IMPLAN model was used to measure the jobs and revenues associated with the airport’s activity.