The Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) includes Maricopa Medical Center, the Arizona Burn Center, the Comprehensive Healthcare Center (CHC), the McDowell Healthcare Clinic, 11 community-oriented Family Health Centers (FHC), and an attendant care program.

Voter-approved in 2003, and funded via a secondary property tax levy, MIHS currently trains more than 400 resident physicians per year, in addition to over 3,000 clinical rotations for allopathic and osteopathic medical students, nursing students, allied health professionals, and military readiness experiences for healthcare practitioners prior to deployment.

Serving as a safety net provider to fill critical gaps in care for underserved populations and under- or uninsured individuals, MIHS also assists approximately 20,000 inpatients and 300,000 outpatients each year, irrespective of their insurance coverage, medical complications, and socioeconomic circumstances.  Approximately $65 million a year is currently required to cover MIHS’ deficit in operations.

In February 2014, MIHS’ Bond Advisory Committee recommended the issuance of General Obligation Bonds to finance several strategic capital projects, up to a maximum of $935 million.  These include the replacement and appropriate sizing of a modern teaching hospital, the renovation and expansion of FHCs, the expansion of the current CHC, the addition of two new CHCs in the East and West Valley, the expansion of behavioral health services, and increased ambulatory capacity.  This recommendation will be presented to the electorate in fall 2014.

Seidman was therefore commissioned to:

  • Quantify the economic impact of MIHS’ current operations for the latest available full calendar or fiscal year
  • Estimate the future construction and operational economic impacts of MIHS, 2015-2034, if the $935 million issuance of General Obligation Bonds is ballot-approved by voters; and
  • Additionally estimate the social return on investment associated with the increased number of successful interventions after MIHS’ proposed strategic capital projects have been implemented.

Project Files:
MIHS Economic Impact Study, 2013 (August 2014)

MIHS Economic Impact Study, 2015-2043 (September 2014)

MIHS Social Return on Investment Estimate (October 2014)