Republic Services

Republic Services Inc. is the second largest non-hazardous waste management company in the United States, with 31,000 employees and a fleet of 15,000 collecting trucks.

Republic Services’ 341 collection companies, 66 recycling centers, 198 transfer stations, 189 solid waste landfills, and 4 exploration and production landfills provide effective waste disposal solutions for 14 million customers in over 40 states.

A Fortune 500 company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the company draws from decades of best practice and experience to provide superior products and services for commercial, industrial, residential and oilfield customers nationwide. In FY2014, Republic Services’ collection business accounted for approximately 75% of total revenue.

Previously reliant on simple in-house estimates of economic impact, Republic Services is keen to objectively demonstrate the economic value of its operations to both customers and local politicians at the state and national levels.

To date, Seidman has produced economic impacts of Republic’s operations in Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and for the United States as a whole.